Welcome to SF.

Posted September 12th 2017

Summertime @Sea

Seattle, Wa, 2017

Posted July 12th 2017

San Fr.

Posted July 12th 2017

Sea Wall

Seattle, Wa 2017

Posted July 4th 2017

Golden Gate

Posted June 20th 2017

Long Shot

Long Shot 2017

Photographic Center Northwest

Photo: Drazen Grujic, Infrared , Seattle, Wa

Long Shot is Photographic Center Northwest’s (PCNW) annual summer celebration, highlighting photography as the shared language of today. Long Shot kicks offJune 10 & 11 — unite with people around the world to chase the light, and show us what you’ve seen!

Posted June 17th 2017

WeiRd. PoRTLand

“Keep Portland Weird”


Posted May 8th 2017


Lenora St, Seattle, Washington, Space Needle

Posted March 19th 2017

Spring 17

Spring 17 – Portland, Oregon

Posted March 18th 2017

Memories talking

Mejdan, Banja Luka

Posted February 18th 2017


Florence, Italy, Bardini garden

Posted February 5th 2017

Bella Italia

Open Air grocery market in Venice Italy.

Posted February 5th 2017


d.words in Venice, Italy

Posted February 3rd 2017

Westlake Street

Seattle, Westlake Street

Posted January 9th 2017


Posted December 9th 2016

NYC Moments

NYC Moments – New York City – Nov 2016

Posted December 1st 2016


More info about project: #nonousa

NYC 2016

Posted November 30th 2016


Project: #dwords Video

New York City 2016

Posted November 22nd 2016

Seattle from Kerry Park

Kerry Park is a 1.26 acres park on the south slope of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, Washington

Posted October 1st 2016

RAW Portland


2016 Sep

Raw Portland // Verve, with ITEMRoseland Theater, Portland, Oregon

Posted September 20th 2016

Last day of summer in Sea!

The Central Waterfront of Seattle, in the state of Washington, US, is the most urbanized portion of the Elliott Bay shore.

Posted September 15th 2016

Smith Tower

Posted September 13th 2016


Posted August 29th 2016

Summer in Sea

Summer in Sea

Made with Leica D-Lux

Posted August 22nd 2016


ITEM – making off – new song “Tell Me”

Posted August 15th 2016



Posted July 22nd 2016

Deep Forest Cabins

Deep Forest near Mount Rainier, Wa

Posted June 26th 2016

Long Shot 2016

Saturday at 5 PM – 9 PM

Photographic Center Northwest

900 12th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122

Photo: Drazen Grujic, Push For, Seattle, Wa

Long Shot is PCNW’s annual spring fundraiser celebrating photography and community by connecting people from around the world on the summer solstice weekend.

#longshot #longshot2016

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Posted June 23rd 2016

San Fran

The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge is a complex of bridges spanning San Francisco Bay in California. As part of Interstate 80 and the direct road between San Francisco and Oakland, it carries about 240,000 vehicles a day on its two decks. (Wiki)

Posted June 19th 2016

Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is the highest mountain of the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, and the highest mountain in the state of Washington, with a summit elevation of 14,411 ft (4,392 m). Mt. Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and it is on the Decade Volcano list.

Posted June 11th 2016


ITEM Photos and Logo Design.

Posted June 8th 2016

SIFF 2016

Photo: Eric James McCormack from Will and Grace.

Red Carpet  SIFF 2016.

More pictures: SIFF 2016

Posted June 7th 2016


Postcards project is imagined as collaboration of two artist, but it is also homage to their friendship.

Read more: herahava.blog

Posted June 6th 2016



Photos and Logo for SPBK

Private Chef for hire in the Seattle area. Brunch/Dinner Reservations.

Send all questions to: [email protected]

Posted June 5th 2016

WeLcome to d. bLog

Photo: Diamond Head, Hawaii

Posted June 1st 2016