All of us are approaching the idea of freedom from personal point of view. If you were growing up during the 90’s in Bosnia & Herzegovina, then freedom for you would always be something else. Seen with d.‘s eyes, the country of freedom is completely decorated with ‘NO’ signs. d. is offering us his exiled perspective of the small limitations which we stopped being aware of eventually, or perhaps we never observed it any differently.

With his sharp eye, d. spotted a lot of different aesthetic details all around the Europe, but this last collection is offering another perspective. Framed details are representing the explicit restrictions of your freedom. Yes, you can do it, but not here! His fascination with NO signs is coming from the difference between American and European road signs; European ones do not use the words (‘NO’) in their expressions. 

Those signs surrounds us and directly indicate the prohibition; it is possible to picture it in our minds like an old lady who gives threatening look over to our misbehavior or bad manners. You were warned and you shall obey! Defined boundaries are needed, road signs are needed, and nevertheless, more artists is needed. Artists which can notice deeper meaning in ‘NO’ signs!  So, the freedom shall remain there, giving the same opportunities to everyone. After all, America is place to be!

Text: Aida Hera Hadžibegović

2016 mar – Photograph Exhibition: NO NO USA, A/NT Gallery, Seattle, Wa