Punk is alive in Oakland! (Fragments of Peđa’s life)

“There is nothing more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.”  – Homer, The Odyssey



Love can be recognized in simplicity of synchronized routine. Emotions are hidden details in wide spectrum of life. Some people believe that “home” does not necessary represent a place; home can also be a person. In Oakland, two people established their home by sharing space and habits. Their dog, named Jade, is a living proof of successful harmony in their home. Peđa and Nancy’s love, surrounded with vinyl records, vegan food and green tea, is an image that makes most people jealous of their happiness.




Music has impact on everyone’s life, therefore, Peđa should not be an exception, but paradoxically, he is. He went further down the rabbit-hole; he does not only enjoy listening music, he makes music. Punk is alive and kicking in Oakland, California! dtepunk.com 




With good art you can travel for miles without moving from a place, but sometimes, for good art you have to cross to the other side. Peđa’s friend is a painter. Bay Bridge contributes to their relationship by connecting and keeping distance at the same time.




Peđa has been demonstrating the grace for ten years already, without using a word. Indeed, silence is so accurate.




What is a life without joyful moments? Someone’s smile can make your day. One person’s presence can make other person feel safe and protected. Coffee and honest talk with a friend can promise that next Monday will be less blue. Sparks of joy are module of happiness.   

Text: Aida Hera Hadžibegović


2016 july – RAW:SAN FRANCISCO PRESENTS REVEAL, San Francisco, Ca