(Relation: Seattle – Sarajevo)

d. (Dražen Grujić) is photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina who currently lives in Seattle, Wa, USA.

Hera (Aida Hadžibegović–Đombić) is a writer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who still lives in Sarajevo.

Postcards project is imagined as collaboration of two artist, but it is also homage to their friendship. d. is an artist in exile and naturally, sometimes he meets difficulties to understand his surroundings, to adjust his personal aesthetic to the new environment, or simply to wrap and share his thoughts and ideas. He feels homesick, or seasick, or lost in translation and as for any artist in the world, it only feels natural to transmit it to the certain form, in his case into photography. From the other side of world and story, Hera only finds suitable to resume her contemplation into short stories.

During the Skype calls, while sharing moments of their lives with each other, they understood something is missing. They are having a conversation, but they do not communicate. They are believers whom trusts that people are communicating with their feelings; so, they are wrapping their feelings into present for each other. They communicate with art forms.

The idea is that d. will make a special and limited edition of the postcards which will be send to hera, not only for Christmas but in period of one year and exclusively via post. He will share his images and following thoughts or feelings, and she will write back in form of short stories. It is mutual influence; they will try to inspire each other in doing what they know how to do the best. To frame images and to frame words. The idea of literally sending this hard copy postcards via post in 2016, when everything is possible and transparent in virtual world, is very important aspect of project. How post is traveling through the real time and how long you have to wait for postcard to arrive is important in terms of understanding emotions without time frame, emotions which are able to extend present time, emotions within context of ordinary life.

Also, transparency of sharing your deepest emotions on the back side of already exposed work, awareness that it is be readable and exposed to anyone’s interest during the travel period of the card, witness the courage of artist in revealing himself, exposing the fact that he is exiled from known aesthetic values and that he is trying to establish the new ones, as well as the fact that we are all only humans sharing the same thoughts, emotions and loss no mater where are we from and where are we now in this very moment. Marks and stamps are also very important detail in project. They are opening the gate of wanderlust for all of us, they prove the traveling through time effect and they make nostalgic but in the same time exited atmosphere.

Text: Aida Hera Hadzibegovic

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